CleanPowerSF powers your home with more renewable energy at competitive rates.


The Power of Choice

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40% Renewable

To continue receiving cleaner energy at rates competitive with what you currently pay, no action is necessary. Your CleanPowerSF Green service will begin in January unless  you choose another option.

100% Renewable

By upgrading to SuperGreen, you can eliminate your carbon footprint from your electricity supply with 100% renewable energy. For more details and to upgrade, have your PG&E Account Number handy and visit or call (415) 554-0773. Number handy.
1 Cited from PG&E’s 2017 Form 10-K filing.

Opt Out

33% Renewable

You can opt out of CleanPowerSF and remain with PG&E generation (currently about 33%1 renewable) by visiting or calling (415) 554-0773. Be sure to have your PG&E Account Number handy.