CleanPowerSF provides San Francisco with cleaner, greener energy at affordable rates


San Francisco is a global leader in sustainability, thanks to an engaged, forward-thinking community. CleanPowerSF has taken the next step toward meeting our City’s environmental goals, and you can help. Building on its 100-year legacy of providing clean energy to San Francisco, the City launched CleanPowerSF, which provides renewable energy to residents and businesses. Together, we can move San Francisco toward a sustainable future.

Message regarding PG&E

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which operates CleanPowerSF, is studying the near and long-term impacts of a PG&E bankruptcy and identifying all possible options to ensure continuity for all San Francisco power customers—including the possibility of acquiring or building electrical infrastructure assets.

What impact will this have on my power service? 

There will be no impact to power services at your home or business. Electricity will continue to be delivered.

I’m a CleanPowerSF customer, will I continue receiving and paying my bill through PG&E?

Yes. At this time, PG&E will continue to manage billing and payment for CleanPowerSF customers.


What kind of customer are you?



If you are a San Francisco resident, renter or homeowner, click the link below to learn more about our residential rates.

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If you are a business owner or rent commercial space, click the link below to learn more about our commercial rates.

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The power of choice

33%, 43%, or 100% renewable. The choice is yours!


43% Renewable

To receive cleaner energy at rates competitive with what you currently pay, choose our Green service. To enroll early, please have your PG&E account number ready and click the link below, or call (415) 554-0773. All San Francisco residents and businesses will be automatically enrolled in Green service by July 2019, and you can choose to stay with Green, upgrade to SuperGreen, or opt out.


100% Renewable

By upgrading to SuperGreen, you can eliminate your carbon footprint from your electricity supply with 100% renewable energy. To upgrade, please have your PG&E account number handy and click the link below, or call (415) 554-0773.

Opt Out

33% Renewable

You can opt out of CleanPowerSF and remain with PG&E generation (currently 33% renewable) by clicking the link below or calling (415) 554-0773. Please have your PG&E account number handy.




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