CleanPowerSF sources electricity through competitive solicitations that emphasize benefits to the community

CleanPowerSF routinely issues Requests for Offers (RFOs) to address specific needs. Volumes and products requested through any RFO vary in consideration of CleanPowerSF’s operational requirements. CleanPowerSF may issue RFOs for products, such as renewable and Carbon Free energy. Solicitations for such services will be posted to this page and emailed to our energy vendor list.

Open Solicitations

2020-2022 Resource Adequacy Supplies

This Request for Offers for Resource Adequacy Supplies seeks bids of the following Resource Adequacy Capacity products from January 2020 through December 2022:

  • System + Flexible RA:

    • North System

    • South System

  • Local + Flexible RA:

    • Fresno

    • Sierra

    • Stockton

    • Kern

    • Humboldt

    • North Coast / North Bay

    • Greater Bay Area

How to Respond

  • Preference will be given to entities that are a WSPP member or have an existing Master Agreement in place with either counterparty.

  • Bids are requested in $/kW-month.

  • CleanPowerSF prefers offers that include Flexible Capacity Rights and offers of at least 1 MW.

  • SFPUC Origination and Power Supply staff will respond with an email to confirm your bid has been received.

  • Responses and/or questions should be addressed to:

  • Please submit bids to



Closed Solicitations

2019 Local Renewable Energy Supplies

This Request for Offers for Renewable Energy Supplies seeks bids of energy (and Resource Adequacy capacity, if available) from new and existing Eligible Renewable Energy Resources (ERRs), as defined in California Public Resources Code Section 25741. Renewable resources must be located within California NP-15 region, as defined by the CAISO [TH_NP15_GENAPND]. Preference will be given to bids featuring energy from projects within the nine Bay Area Counties.

The SFPUC seeks bids for energy, environmental attributes, and capacity that meet the following criteria:

  • New or existing ERRs;

  • Renewable resources must be located within California NP15 region, as defined by the CAISO, with a preference for resources located in the nine Bay Area Counties;

  • Minimum annual energy delivery of 50,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) per year and a maximum of 600,000 MWh per year;

  • Initial delivery date ranging from January 2021 – December 2023;

  • Terms up to 25 years.

RFO Instructions

For RFO questions, please visit and search for PUC.PRO.0153.


  • August 12: RFO issued

  • August 19, 2 p.m: Pre-bid conference call

  • August 21, 5 p.m: Deadline to submit non-binding Notice of Intent (NOI) to Bid Form

  • August 21, 5 p.m: Deadline to submit questions

  • August 23: Responses to questions provided

  • September 4, 2 p.m (updated): Deadline to submit bids

  • September 20: Notification of shortlisted Bidders

  • October-December (estimated): PPA negotiations and contract approval

  • December (estimated): PPA execution

* All times are PPT (Pacific Prevailing Time)


Contact us at

Are you a city vendor?

CleanPowerSF encourages potential Bidders that have not done business with the City and County of San Francisco since July 1, 2017 to begin the registration process with the City and County of San Francisco before bids are due. All Bidders are required to be registered Bidders/Suppliers with the City and County of San Francisco if business will be conducted between parties. Detailed instructions for becoming a registered vendor are found here:

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