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From solar installations to electric vehicles, we’ll point you to programs that can help you electrify your life.


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and CleanPowerSF offer great benefits to current and potential rooftop solar customers. Explore your options below.


GoSolarSF offers cash incentives to homeowners that install eligible solar electric systems. Certain homeowners may qualify for additional incentives based on income, location and choice of installer. The incentive program is managed by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and supports installations located in San Francisco.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program

Customers can reduce monthly electric bill by generating their own private rooftop solar energy system. A special net meter measures the difference between the amount of electricity the system generates throughout the month and the amount of electricity the customer purchases. Learn more about CleanPowerSF's NEM program.

Electric vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, which means cleaner air for you and your community. Oh, and no more oil changes either. Learn about EV rebate programs below.

Federal Tax Credit

Federal tax credit provided after purchase. Tax credit ranges from $2,500-$7,500 base on tax liability, battery capacity, and vehicle make/model. An estimated amount for low-income customers is $3,000.

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (CVAP) Grant

Rebate provided at time of purchase. Maximum household income must be 400% of 2018 Federal Poverty Level. CVAP and CVRP incentives cannot be combined. For customers that qualify for both incentives, CVAP is a better option for purchasing a new or used EV.

Service Options

What is CleanPowerSF’s Green Service?

CleanPowerSF’s Green service contains 40% renewable energy from wind and solar power, at a competitive rate. The electricity PG&E currently provides San Francisco customers is only about 33% renewable.

What is CleanPowerSF’s SuperGreen Service?

For a few dollars more each month (about $5 for the average residential customer and $23 for the average small commercial customer), you can receive 100% Green-e Energy certified renewable energy with CleanPowerSF’s SuperGreen service. Because CleanPowerSF is not-for-profit, SuperGreen is about much more than just receiving the cleanest energy available in California. As a SuperGreen customer, you’ll support the growth of renewable energy, help combat global climate change, and, over time, support the development of a local, renewable energy infrastructure that will create local jobs.

Can I switch between the Green and SuperGreen services?

Yes, you may switch between Green and SuperGreen at any time. To switch, visit or call 415-554-0773.

Enrollment and Opt-Out

When and where is CleanPowerSF service available?

CleanPowerSF service is available to all San Francisco electric customers since May 2016. Customers are automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF’s Green service in certain parts of the City since May 2016, but any San Francisco electricity customer can enroll early at for the next upcoming enrollment offering.

How do I enroll in CleanPowerSF?

Anyone with a PG&E electric account in San Francisco can sign up for CleanPowerSF service today. If you are the customer of record on your PG&E account, you can enroll in CleanPowerSF now by visiting All you need is your PG&E account number. By law, CleanPowerSF is an opt-out program. This means that unless you opt-out, you will automatically be enrolled in the program when it is offered in your area. Since May 2016, the City is phasing-in CleanPowerSF service to select geographic areas. If you are located in one of these areas, you will receive two notices from CleanPowerSF prior to your enrollment in the program. These notices describe the program terms and conditions and your right to opt-out and stay with PG&E. After enrollment into CleanPowerSF, you will receive another two notices over a two month period reminding you of the terms and conditions and the opportunity to return to PG&E electric supply service. After this initial enrollment and opt-out period, you will be subject to additional charges and other limitations if you opt to return to PG&E service.

How do I sign up for SuperGreen?

Have your PG&E account number handy and visit to enroll now for SuperGreen service. You must be the customer of record on the PG&E account in order to enroll. How do I know when my service begins? We will inform residents and businesses before CleanPowerSF begins enrolling customers in their neighborhoods. If you reside in one of those neighborhoods, do nothing and you will receive CleanPowerSF's cleaner energy. It's that simple. If your neighborhood is not yet targeted for automatic enrollment, you can sign up at

Do I have to participate in CleanPowerSF? How can I opt-out?

You can opt-out of CleanPowerSF any time after you are scheduled for enrollment. Once your area is scheduled for automatic enrollment in CleanPowerSF, you will receive at least four notices by U.S. Mail detailing the program and your options--including opt-out instructions.

Why can’t I opt-out now?

Customers can opt-out once their account is scheduled for enrollment in CleanPowerSF. My neighbor received a notice but I haven’t received anything. Why? CleanPowerSF will automatically enroll customers in phases throughout various neighborhoods. When your account is scheduled for automatic enrollment, you’ll receive at least four notifications by U.S. Mail with more details about the process and your options. If you’re eager to join CleanPowerSF, you don’t have to wait for automatic enrollment – enroll early at

Why am I automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF? I never signed-up for it.

Historically, investor-owned utilities (like PG&E) have been the default service provider for customers in their jurisdictions. The State of California believed there should be more options for customers to choose from. In 2002, California passed legislation allowing local utilities to aggregate their customers' purchasing authority to oversee their own electric generation in partnership with the investor-owned utility. Under California’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) law, this “default” provider status is transferred from the PG&E to the local Community Choice Aggregation program, if a program is adopted by the local government. CleanPowerSF believes strongly in giving San Francisco energy customers the power to choose. If you prefer not to receive CleanPowerSF service, you can opt-out at any time after your service is scheduled for enrollment.

I just moved to a new address and I want to establish service. How do I sign up?

If you have moved to an address that is not yet automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF service and wish to sign-up, first ensure you have established an electricity account with PG&E at your new address. Then visit to enroll early.

Is there a fee for opting out?

Customers who opt-out of CleanPowerSF before or within the first 60 days following the start of service can return to PG&E at no cost. Customers that opt-out of CleanPowerSF service more than 60 days after service starts will be subject to a termination fee ($5 for residential customers and $25 for commercial customers).

Can I return to CleanPowerSF after I opt-out?

Customers who opt-out before starting CleanPowerSF service or within their first 60 days of CleanPowerSF service may return to CleanPowerSF service at any time. Customers who opt-out after their first 60 days of CleanPowerSF service will be subject to PG&E’s terms and conditions of service, including not having the option to return to CleanPowerSF for one year. For more information regarding PG&E’s terms and conditions, visit

Does CleanPowerSF offer a net energy metering program for qualified solar electric and other distributed generation systems?

CleanPowerSF offers a net metering program, which you can learn more about here.

What is CleanPowerSF’s position on “Smart Meters”?

Under state law, PG&E continues to own and maintain the electricity meters. CleanPowerSF does not have any control over metering technology. Contact PG&E directly for more information about meters.

Can I participate in CleanPowerSF if I don’t live in San Francisco?

Unfortunately, no, but programs like CleanPowerSF are developing in nearby cities and counties. Check with your local government for already established or upcoming CCA programs or visit

Source of Energy

Where does CleanPowerSF energy come from?

CleanPowerSF buys more of your electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind. 40% of CleanPowerSF’s default Green energy service comes from these renewable sources, while 100% of CleanPowerSF’s SuperGreen energy service comes from these sources. In the long-term, CleanPowerSF will invest ratepayer dollars to build new, renewable energy facilities in California and within and around San Francisco itself. This “build-out” will eventually create local jobs.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)? Will CleanPowerSF use RECs?

Renewable energy projects produce two products: 1) electricity and 2) Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). While the electricity powers our homes and businesses, the REC product is what conveys the environmental attributes of the renewable electricity. These products may be purchased together or separately, as either “bundled” or “unbundled” products. As renewable generators produce electricity, they create one REC for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity placed on the grid (by comparison the average San Francisco home uses about 3,700 kilowatt-hours per year). If the physical electricity and the associated RECs are sold to separate buyers, the electricity is no longer considered “renewable” or “green.” Only the holder of the REC can claim to have used renewable energy. CleanPowerSF is only using RECs bundled with the electricity produced by renewable energy projects. You can feel comfortable knowing that the renewable energy you buy from CleanPowerSF has been delivered directly into the California electricity grid. For more information on RECs, see the US Environmental Protection Agency:

How can I be sure CleanPowerSF is actually delivering the renewable energy content it promises?

CleanPowerSF will share information about our renewable energy contracts and commitments, and will regularly report on its activities at the public meetings of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. All electricity providers, including CleanPowerSF and investor-owned utilities such as PG&E, are required by law to report the amount of renewable energy delivered to their customers to the California Energy Commission and their customers. CleanPowerSF will provide this information to its customers each year. CleanPowerSF's SuperGreen service is Green-e Energy certified, meaning it meets the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

How does CleanPowerSF acquire its electricity supplies?

CleanPowerSF acquires electricity supplies through a competitive bidding process to ensure the lowest price for customers. CleanPowerSF also intends to offer a Feed-In Tariff program, through which local developers can create and sell electricity from small renewable energy projects directly to us at a set price, provided that they are located in San Francisco.

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