General Information

Why is the Peak Day Pricing Program Offered?

Peak Day Pricing (PDP) is an offering that can provide value to customers while at the same time promoting the Public Good. With CleanPowerSF’s pilot, customers can earn an incentive (in the form of an end-of-season bill credit) by managing their electricity use to reduce consumption between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on up to 15 Peak Day Pricing event days per year. The program season is between May 1 to October 31. Meanwhile, Peak Day Pricing programs help California meet the needs of an increasingly renewable power grid. As California makes progress toward a more renewable and carbon-free electric system, solar and wind generation increasingly are shaping when the state’s fossil fuel resources are needed. (See CAISO emissions) As solar generation decreases toward the end of the day, the Grid experiences a sharp “ramp up” in the need for additional generation, especially on the hottest days of the year. Demand reduction by customers during these critical peak events, such as customers responding to Peak Day Pricing signals, help ease this strain on the grid. These targeted load reductions help reduce the use of fossil fuel powerplants that would otherwise be needed to meet these critical peak systems loads.

Why is this PDP Program Called a Pilot?

For 2019, CleanPowerSF is offering the PDP pilot to a maximum of 50 CleanPowerSF customers on E-19 and E-20 rates to test this Peak Day Pricing program design, both in terms of operations, and customer response. CleanPowerSF’s current plan is to refine program rules and broaden enrollment for the 2020 PDP program season.

How does PDP generally work?

While participating in this voluntary program, you will continue to be billed each month according to your normal electric rates. After the PDP program’s summer season ends, CleanPowerSF will perform a calculation to determine if your account earned a bill credit: First, by participating, you automatically receive a credit toward your PDP balance for each month of the program season. CleanPowerSF calculates the credit by multiplying the peak demand (kW) and partial peak demand (kW) from each month’s PG&E bill, by the “KW credit” values in the program rates table (See PDP main web page). For each PDP event day, your electricity use (kWh) during the 4-hour PDP peak is multiplied by $1.20 (per the program rates table), and that amount is deducted from your PDP balance. By adding up the six monthly PDP credits, and deducting the event day peak-period electricity charges, CleanPowerSF will determine whether the account earns a net bill credit for the program season. The pilot’s “bill protection” feature makes it risk-free for those that do not achieve a bill credit.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for PDP?

The best candidates for the PDP Program are customers with electric loads that can be reduced during the 4-hour PDP peak period of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. See the FAQ “What can I do to reduce my event day electricity usage?” below to see how you may be able to shift or reduce your electricity use during that.

What can I do to reduce my PDP event day electricity usage?

  • Plan well in advance for Peak Day Pricing events.
  • Always be safe and consult with your energy professionals to help plan and manage your efforts.
  • Monitor the CleanPowerSF webpage for the likelihood of a PDP event day. See and take action when alerts are called.
  • Sign up for Email, and SMS text message PDP event alerts.
  • Turn off or reduce discretionary and non-critical electric loads, e.g., inside and outside lighting, including decorative lighting.
  • Modify your businesses activities and schedules wherever possible to minimize the use of electricity from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on PDP event days.
  • In advance of a Peak Day Pricing event, do any work and/or perform activities that will allow you to reduce your electricity use from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the PDP event day.
  • Precool spaces, adjust thermostats, keep outside doors and windows closed, use fans, duty cycle air-cooled package units, and limit demand to chillers.
  • Modify automated building and other process and control strategies to reduce electric loads.

Who can I call for more information about the CleanPowerSF PDP Pilot Program?

Call the CleanPowerSF Call Center at (415) 554-0773, or contact us by sending an email to

Charges and Credits

Can my bill go up due to the PDP rates?

No. For the PDP pilot, all participants enjoy Bill Protection. If CleanPowerSF’s the end-of-season calculation indicates that your account’s PDP peak-period energy charges exceeded your PDP credits, then no bill credits and no costs will be applied to your account.

When and how is my bill credit issued?

Bill credits are calculated following the conclusion of the PDP program season ending October 31. These rate calculations are dependent upon receiving verified meter data that CleanPowerSF requests from PG&E. Once received, we will analyze the data, calculate any bill credits, and these will appear in the next applicable electric bill. Both due to the complexity of some of the rate calculations, and some uncertain elements in the schedule, for this pilot we expect bill credits are likely to be issued early in 2020.

Notifications for Event Days

When will event days be called, and how will I know?

CleanPowerSF PDP event days are the same as those called by PG&E’s PDP program; PDP events are based on high temperatures in Northern California, and critical electric system events, as determined by PG&E.
It is your responsibility to monitor when PDP event days are announced by monitoring CleanPowerSF’s Peak Day Pricing web page at Event Day Alerts are listed on this web page no later than 3:00pm on the day before the event. Additionally, when you sign up for PDP you may request courtesy PDP event day notifications for PDP event day alerts. Event day notifications are issued via cell phone (SMS) text message, and/or email, and will be sent out on or about 3:00pm the day before the event. Note: Event day notifications do not substitute for a customer’s monitoring of the CleanPowerSF’s Peak Day Pricing web page. CleanPowerSF cannot guarantee delivery of notifications due to factors such as web and cell service problems and coverage, contact information accuracy, user SMS texting and Email controls.

How will I know if my PDP event day notifications are working?

To assure that your notifications are working properly, PDP will be sending out test notifications on May 1st, May 15th., and on June 1st. Look for these tests to verify you are receiving notifications as planned. If you do not receive them as planned contact us to review and or change the contact data by calling the CleanPowerSF Call Center at (415) 554-0773, or by sending an email to

How can I review or change my notification contact data?

If you want to review or change the contact data for PDP event text and email notification, you may call the CleanPowerSF Call Center at (415) 554-0773, or contact us by sending an email to


How do I sign up for PDP?

Enroll in the Pilot Program by June 28, 2019. To sign up for PDP return to the main PDP page to review and submit the on-line enrollment application information. We will contact you to review your application and complete your enrollment.

What if I don’t have all the required data for the online sign-up form?

If you do not have all the requested information, submit the on-line application with just the minimum required data (i.e., customer name, service address, and PG&E account number, as they appear on your PG&E bill). We will then contact you to review your application and help you complete the form. If for any reason that you cannot get the form to submit, you may call the CleanPowerSF Call Center at (415) 554-0773, or contact us by sending an email to

Do I need to specify a Capacity Reservation Level (CRL), and what is it?

No, you do need to specify a CRL amount to enroll in PDP. CRL is an amount of your load that may be reserved and not affected by PDP rates. See PDP Details page for additional rules related to CRL. If you choose to specify a CRL, please do so on the enrollment form, identifying (in kW) the capacity level you wish to reserve. Customers that do not specify a CRL during enrollment will not have a CRL applied.

Can I cancel my participation in the PDP program, and what happens if I do?

Yes, you may cancel your participation in the PDP program at any time. If you cancel participation before the end of the PDP program season, no PDP credits or PDP Peak Charges will be applied your account. To earn a Bill Credit, your account must be enrolled through the end of the program season.

Do I need to sign up again next year?

No, you do not need to sign up for PDP in subsequent program years. If CleanPowerSF continues to offer PDP, you will be automatically enrolled, and will have the opportunity to cancel participation at any time. You will be notified about any planned changes to rules or rates prior to the start of a new program season.

More Information

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